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Dragon Land is a fun and mysterious game in the world of Merge Dragons games! Where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your trip in dragon mania legends.
Dragon Land game is a place to start a hidden journey through the clouds, to the land of Deltora, above the sky, where our dragons live. Thousands of years ago, zombies came out of their castles to catch dragons. The war in dragon puzzle between zombies and dragons lasted 100 years, but finally the funny dragons in our story were defeated. The only hope for improving Dragon Land depends on your magical power - dragon eggs, trees, treasures, stars and magical flowers.
Merge colored dragon eggs, then enlarge them to discover more powerful dragons! Combine the dragons and try to solve the different stages of this difficult and challenging puzzle games. Combine terra statues to win, simultaneously complete the fascinating stages of the Dragon Land game with a variety of different dragons, and then return to Deltora Land with your prizes to try to grow your land and solve various puzzles in the Dragon land game.
Play this game in the style of Merge game with your friends and family, and with their help, enlarge your land more easily or help them to grow the game land and dragon.
Dragon Land is one of the best dragon combination or Merge game style games!

Some exciting game features in Dragon land puzzle games:
* Combine different objects and dragons capes adventure  *
• Discover over 400 fantastic objects to merge, match and interact with over 80 challenges!
For example:
- New Dragons
- Trees
- Life Items
- Dragon egg
- Life elixir
- Colored Dragon
- Dragon items
- Terra
- Legends
- Garden
- Block
- Endless world
And etc.
• Move objects easily throughout the Dragon Land and combine 3 types of objects to create a larger object in dragon puzzle games free!
- Dragon Land improves with the help of Life Elixir for dragon hills.
• Discover Terra statues trapped in cursed lands at every level in dragon puzzle.
- Combine and merge block them to solve the riddle and liberate the dragon lands and find new dragon.
- Dragon puzzle games offline
“ Dragon land is a best game in merge games category “

* Dragon Collection - new puzzle games in dragon game category *
- Collect the dragon and make your own dragon book!
- Find dragon eggs to find new dragons for yourself for magical powers game
- Bring the dragon to its final evolution in dragon hills!
- Open new stages for yourself by raising dragons and merge them together in dragon puzzle games and dragon puzzle games free .
- Evolve to build a dragon army and defeat zombies in garden!
- Merge dragons and merge block to see them grow into new and more powerful forms and mania legends.
- Dragon puzzle game with different and exciting stages.
- Merge them by dragging 3 similar items together in dragon world .
- Zombie orcs have Terra statues. Combine them to solve the puzzle and win!

* Build Your Dragon Team *
- Combine dragon masters to make your team stronger in dragon puzzle games free .
- Connect the dragon gardens and enjoy the game.
- Build your powerful dragons.
- Play the world of dragons with your friends! Don't forget to talk, interact and share tips and tricks!
- play your dragon mania legends and grow your garden .
* Dragon Garden *
- Fantasy Farming: Collect Life Elixir from Heart Blooms & Trees with your dragon.
- Dragon Land improves with the help of Life Elixir.
- Design your own dragon garden!
- Let's start new dragon city game

* Merge puzzle and Merge style in new dragon land *
- Collect and discover new dragon eggs in the best puzzle games!
- Puzzles challenge your character. Choose wisely and enjoy the benefits!
- Try to build your own dragon garden.
- fight dragon and zombie in Dragon land game !
- Dragons need a leader to fight and defeat zombie orcs!
- Best Dragon land offline game
- Dragon land 2020 or dragon land 2021
Download now and discover how your dragon merge!

Have Fun!
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