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Math Journal- ALL CLASSES


Math Journal (You MUST have a composition book)


Page 1: This is the cover page... leave it blank for now.


Page 2: Page 2 is folded in and taped to page 3 to create a "pocket".


Pages 4-6: the table of contents.

Page 7:  vocabulary template

Page 8: – vocabulary example


Page 9: - blog template --use the 6-sentence format below:

6 Sentence Format for the daily Math Blog:   

1st Sentence: Attention Grabber

2nd Sentence: Topic/Introduction Sentence

3rd Sentence: Detail sentence

4th Sentence: Detail sentence

5th Sentence: Detail sentence

6th Sentence: Conclusion/Summary Statement


Page 10:  Blog example:


Did you know that you can find a slope using stairs?

You can use rise and run (slope) to draw a staircase.

There are 4 different types of slope.

The rise describes the vertical change (up and down).

The run describes the horizontal change.

This ratio (rise/run) makes up the slope. 


Page 11: - SOLVE steps.













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