Purpose is for student understanding of explicit instruction with clear expectations relating to behavior, curriculum and self-regulated penalties for going outside these instructed and expected parameters of acceptable behavior.

  1. Begin each day with a clean slate.
  2. Grow confidence daily.
  3. Operate according to classroom Job description and beginning of the year contract.
  4. Create new Peer to Peer Reputations of accountability. No more pressure to be the class clown!
  5. Collaborate and decide with classmates.

***Each Student MUST start each and every day with our group SELF-AWARENESS AFFIRMATIONS activity.




  1. Each Student MUST have Zone of Proximity Academic goals and high self-expectation.

I achieve more, because I expect more out of myself.

  1. Each Student MUST TRY and bring their enthusiasm and work at %110 DAILY.

Can you FEEEEL my Enthusiasm, I’m going to work!

  1. Each Student MUST celebrate victories with excitement. Even if baby steps.

I am good and I celebrate my victories!! Whoop Woop!

  1. Each Student MUST like money. Use of Classroom Manipulative reinforcement.

I play the money game and I am LLLLOOOOAAADDEEDD.

  1. Each Student MUST work their full day.

I’m no quitter! I’m here to stay. YAY I’m workin’ my full day!

  1. Each Student MUST use gestures with all communication. Tactile Reinforcement.

I talk with big hands cause….. I have BIIIGG IDEAS!

Student Contract
The purpose of the guidelines and adherence to our standard described in our group contract is quite strict, yet necessary for classroom freedom. Self-control is EXPECTED and will be practiced. Infractions will be taken seriously…. Students have been given every opportunity and chance to succeed. Individual contributions for maintaining this type of classroom environment at the full, self-maintained, functionality it was designed for is substantial and therefore a requirement. This classroom management plan encompasses each child individually and begins to embrace them, instantly where they are.

Teacher Expectations
As the classroom Manager, I have organized our environment to function on auto-pilot for streamlined consistency and & effective, student led-interactive learning.

As your teacher, I commit to providing you clarity, consistency, communication and collaboration. I will always be present and available to direct and assist student engagement.

  1.  Use of Socratic Method.
  2. I will constantly check for understanding and get feedback.
  3. I have set up the structure for inevitable student success!
    1. Cover more on effective curriculum with automation.
    2. classroom consequences are Natural and expected via consistency
    3. Some CHOICES = Consequences.
    4. Procedure Model : Gradual Release e Model
    5. I Expect full attention when I’m ready (use set up cues for Active Listening Skills.
    6. Provide tactics, secrets and tricks for corralling and empowering student engagement.
  4. Facilitate a safe and open learning environment for all ages, learning levels, subjects, interests, foundational needs. Expectations.
  5. Any time there is a particular area observed as “challenging” for any child, appropriate measures will be made. Parents will receive a small notice sent home, describing area of difficulty with possible solutions for challenge.

Expectations of you, the Parent. Your role and crucial engagement.

1. While in this class...
I expect parents to participate in their child’s school life and ask questions. Parents are to engage their child daily regarding your child’s daily classroom earnings and bank account running balance.

2. This year I expect...
I expect
all parents to do their best each day. I realize things happen. Its life. I ask that you please just communicate with me and let me know if there is any way I can assist with ANY THING in ANY WAY.

*** I encourage all parents to commit or recommit to your child’s education this year.  List 3 possible ways they can reengage with their child’s education.

**Now, I encourage you pick just one of those ways you can effortlessly have a major impact on your child’s academic success, this year.…..  It can be an EASY Contribution, for example - It may be as simple as committing to remembering to sign your child’s student planner each week. State: I commit to signing my child’s planner weekly.

4. Volunteering:
Please indicate area you would like to assist.

5. Donating Materials: 
Donated Materials will be accepted for our classroom store and Auction (Dollar Store Items, School Supplies, Seasonal Items, and Auction). We ask parents to please provide a 1 time only classroom auction item for students to bid on using their hard earned classroom reward dollars.

6. Parent Opening Assignment:
As a part of your child’s academic environment they are sometimes required to call upon you, the parents , to take care of something , provide something, go somewhere for them etc. PLEASE BE AWARE… your child will be eligible to receive Bonus money for onetime returned documents, items, things, contributions, box Tops etc. Please comply and help them succeed.

Review and discuss this classroom management plan/policy with your child. Be sure your child understands ways he or she can be rewarded.
***Please Sign the final page of the hardcopy agreement, along with your child. **While discussing the importance of contracts and signing their name to something. **Teacher Signature is included.