Letter of Introduction



Dear Parents,

There are many things we already do in classroom environments that passively and indirectly engage and enhance student motivation. These range from beginning of the year activities all the way into pre-established everyday classroom interactions. Naturally, 3rd graders have an advantage…. they engage a more natural form of motivation, it’s called teachers still hang the moon.

As I begin to engage students and seize opportunities to establish a rapport with our class, I can then begin putting teacher-student relationships on Natural-Pilot so I can go forward to tap into many more tactics, secrets and tricks for corralling and empowering, a student governed, student led and engaged, self- accountability classroom for empowered children. As the year progresses, you may notice that our classroom doesn’t run like other classrooms. We will be learning through Whole Brain Teaching, a research based system that utilizes all areas of the brain, keeps children engaged throughout their lessons, and helps them retain much more information than the standard lecture-discussion model nor is it the standard discipline model. www.WholeBrainTeaching.com.

We will embrace classroom visuals for instruction and reference to assist with student comfort ability maneuvering and operating in this environment. Soon each student will be on auto-pilot themselves, as they become more familiar with me, our procedures and general Classroom expectations.

Parents, I welcome your communication and even encourage it. I hope you will come along with us for a positive year of growth and collaboration.

Always teaching and learning,

Morgan Vecera