Check this website to see if you book is an AR book.

Each 9 weeks there will be a 20 point grade from AR. 10 points for a non-fiction book and 10 points for fiction on the child's level.


AR book finder website:


Tips for AR

  • The book should be within the child's ZPD (on their level)
  • The book should be interesting to the child.
  • While reading the book, the student should be constantly asking themselves questions to make sure they understand what is being read. If the student does not understand, go back and reread.
  • Don't rush through a book.
  • After a child is finished with the book, they should be able to answer these questions without looking back at the book:
    • What is the title of the book?
    • Who were the main characters?
    • What was the setting? (When? Where?)
    • What was the problem in the book?
    • How did the characters solve the problem?
    • What happened at the beginning of the book?
    • What happened in the middle book?
    • What happened at the end of the book?
  • If you can't answer these questions without looking at the book, consider rereading the book, or rereading the first couple of pages in each chapter.
  • If the child is reading a picture book, take a picture walk through the book. On each page the student should be able to retell the story in their own words while looking at the pictures.
  • While taking the test, students should double check the answer they have selected is the correct answer.