Classroom want list

Classroom needs/wants:    

School Supplies:

PLASTIC folders with 3 prongs


loose leaf paper


Electric hole puncher

Electric Stapler


Manual Pencil Sharpener:

We go through a ton of pencils

$ 15.54 from Walmart. I have been through 3 electric pencil sharpeners. The electric ones can't keep up with the little ones. The manuals are so much better!

AR: Reading books:
Please donate any unwanted books to the classroom.

Or if you would like to purchase books from Goodwill or Thrift stores the classroom can put them to use :) $10.00 at a thrift store goes for miles!!!!!!!!



Animal Print anything!

Stuffed Snakes

Candy to use as motivators! One Skittle works miracles!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art supples: wiggly eyes, hot glue sticks, pipe cleaners, paint, etc.