Reading 2

2.1 Penguin Chick

cuddles holds close and tenderly

flippers broad, flat limbs on a penguin used for swimming and moving along on land

frozen hardened with cold; turned into ice

hatch to come from an egg

pecks strikes something with the beak in a quick, short motion

preen to smooth or clean with the beak

snuggles holds closely for warmth, protection, or affection

2.2I Wanna Iguana

adorable cute and lovable

compassionate feeling sympathy; wanting to help

exactly precisely

iguana a tropical lizard with a crest on its back

mature fully grown; adult

mention to talk briefly about someone or something

trophies awards

2.3Prudy’s Problem

collection a gathering of items that are similar in some way

butterflies insects with large, usually brightly colored, wings

enormous very large; huge

scattered spread about in various places

shoelaces cords or leather strips used on shoes

strain to draw too tight; stretch too much

2.4 Top & Bottoms

bottom the lowest part

cheated acted dishonestly

clever having a quick mind

crops plants grown to be used as food or sold for profit

lazy not willing to work

partners people who run a business together and share the gains and losses of it

wealth a great amount of money or valuable things


2.5Amazing Bird Nests

bill the hard part of a bird’s mouth; beak

goo thick, sticky matter

hunters people or animals that hunt

material what a thing is made of

platform a raised level surface for people to stand or sit on

tons units of weight equal to 2,000 pounds

twigs very small branches of a tree  or bush