Reading 3

Unit 3 Vocabulary Words


3.1 How Do You Raise a Raisin?


area a space used for a special purpose

artificial made by humans, not by nature

grapevine a woody vine on which grapes grow

preservative a substance used to keep foods from spoiling

proof anything that can be used to show that something is true or real

raise to lift

raisin a dried grape


3.2 Pushing Up the Sky

antlers one of two bony growths on the head of a deer and certain other animals

imagined formed pictures in a person’s mind of things or ideas that

are elsewhere or not real

languages spoken or written words

narrator a person who tells the story

overhead over the head; placed high up; above

poked pushed with something


3.3 Seeing Stars

 shine to give off light

gas a naturally occurring fluid, often used for fuel

gigantic very large

dim poorly lit

temperature measure of heat or cold

patterns regular formations

ladle spoon with a long handle and a deep bowl






3.4 A Symphony of Whales

anxiously nervously or in a worried manner

bay a part of an ocean enclosed by the coastline

blizzards heavy snowstorms with

very strong winds

channel a body of water joining two larger bodies of water

chipped broke off small pieces of something

melody a series of musical notes that make up a tune

supplies quantities of something needed

surrounded encircled; enclosed

symphony a long musical work written for an orchestra


3.5 Around One Cactus

lofty tall, or high off the ground

incredible hard to believe

noble belonging to a high social class

search to look for something

stinging having a sharp pain

topic a subject

unseen not seen

survivors those who remain alive after an event where others have died

waterless without water