Star Test

STAR Testing

The STAR test is designed to help find the reading level that students will most likely be successful at. Students start by taking the STAR test on the computer. Depending on student responses, the test will adjust itself to find the good reading level. After the test, the program will suggest a reading level or range for the student. The test will be given at least once a quarter to track student progress over the year. Below is a sample question that might be seen on the test.

Students in grades 3 through 12 receive 20 vocabulary-in-context items followed by 5 authentic-text passages.

Item Time Limits

STAR Reading is not a timed test, and it does not evaluate students on how quickly they complete individual questions or the entire test. However, each item has a time limit that keeps the test moving and maintains item security if the student leaves the computer before completing the test.Students in grades 3 through 12 have up to 45 seconds for each vocabulary item, and up to 90 seconds for each authentic-text passage item.


Dear Parents,

Above is basic information for the star test.  Great  vocabulary practice can be found on the  .