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About Me

I am really excited that you have decided to take this journey your last year in high school.  

It is my hope that this class is exciting, not boring and rarely predictable.  I want you to ask questions.  I want you to learn.  I want you to think "economically" and not think like a studnet any more.


So a little about me.  I have not always been a teacher.  I have had several jobs, and lived in several states.    I have been out of the country three times and love to travel and experience new cultures, places and ideas.  I am married and have been for almost 25 years.  I have two adult children.  You may even know them.  They both graduated from MCHS and they both took this class too.  Oh, i did not teach them, but they took the course.  I have been teaching here at MCHS since 2008, but working here since 2006.  I was the High School graduation coach from 2006 until fall of 2008 helping students pass the old high school graduation tests.     


I have lived in madison county for about 25 years.  We have two dogs; a Boston terrier and an Australian shepherd.  We have one cat.  My wife and I own a small cow-calf operation and we also raised Heritage Breeds of poultry.  I enjoy doing anything outdoors; fishing, hunting, hiking, tracking, canoing, gardening, etc.  I love most sports, but only follow football and soccer.  I have coached football and soccer here at the high school and football at the middle school in the past.  I stopped coaching about three years ago.  I will use some sports analogies in the class that might help you understand some concepts better.  I love to cook, barbecue and smoke meat on the smoker.  i enjoy all kinds of different music.  


Get 2 Months for $5!