English Class

In the Vocational English III class we will be learning the basics in grammar and doing writing. We will do daily bell-ringer activities. One example is called an Every-Day-Edit. Other examples are topic related, reading or comprehension activities. This is an activity courtesy of the website Educational World.com. We also practice basic English skills. For Literature, we will read from the text, informational passages, as well as novels.  Some of the possible novels are:

Mrs Frisby and The Rats of N.I.M.H.


The Great Gilly Hopkins

Bridge to Terabithia

Don't Blame the Children

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Animal Farm

Titanic Crossing

A Night To Remember

There is an English textbook, which may be used but not to a great extent. Other materials used are usually either self-made or supplementary materials from various sources. 

In Practical Vocational English III we will read one novel of the students' choice first semester and a mystery novel second semester. there will be writing involved and the mystery novel will have an associated activity as well. Typically with the novels I offer, there is an accompanied movie to watch after the novel has been read to offer different perspectives on the material in the novel.