Ms. Morgan's Fourth Graders!


Welcome to our class website fourth graders!! I am so excited to have you here. This is where the class schedule, any events happening, and any other class events will be posted!

I can not wait to see where this class website goes and how much it can help in class! heart

Class Events

  • 9/11 and talk about the impact on America. *September 11th, 2020

  • Halloween Party *October 30th, 2020
  • Thanksgiving Crafts *November 25th, 2020
  • Christmas Activities *December 18th, 2020

Class Motto

"If no one has told you today, Ms. Morgan loves you, and I always will!"heart

Class Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Grammar and


Spelling Reading Spelling Reading





Classroom Rules cheeky

  1. Always be kind
  2. Come prepared
  3. Follow the school dress code
  4. Watch your language
  5. Make good choices

Consequences of Actions angry

  1. Warning 1 (Sit out on activities)
  2. Warning 2 (Call home)
  3. Principal's Office 
  4. Sent home
    • The consequences will be based on the extreme of the action.


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I love you all!heart