San Antonio/Austin

Dear Parents,


This packet includes all necessary information for our  November 15-16 2011 Austin and San Antonio Trip.


There is a front-and-back form that needs to be filled out.  This form is due back to your child’s teacher by Friday, September 16.


For this trip, your hotel, all museums and tours, breakfast Wednesday morning, and trip t-shirt are included in the cost. However, you will be responsible for bus snacks, dinner both nights and any souvenirs. You will also need to send/bring a sack lunch and drink for Tuesday. We will be dining on the Riverwalk on Tuesday night. If you are sending your child without a parent, please be sure to send money with him/her. You can give the money to his/her chaperone the morning we leave.


Hotel Rooms

  • ONE parent is allowed to attend per child. There are no exceptions to this. Because rooms are assigned based on genders, we must know which parent is going NO LATER than Friday, September 16th.  If we do not hear from you, we will assume that no parent is accompanying your child, and plan accordingly.
  • Due to the way rooms are assigned, after Friday, September 16th, no changes will be permitted. If you told us mom was going, we can’t switch to dad later. If there is some sort of emergency, we can permit a same-gender change. In other words, grandma could go if mom suddenly could not. Also, there will be no private rooms. Again, there are no exceptions. In order to be a part of this field trip, you must ride on our buses, and stay in the rooms we booked. Please do not try to call and book yourself a private room. You will not be considered part of our group, which means that you will not be joining us as we visit the various museums/historical sites.


This is a school field trip, and you are asked to comply with all rules for a safe and pleasant learning experience for all. After all, our main goal here is to create a memorable field trip that we can use as a teaching tool for the rest of the school year.


Thank you again for your cooperation as we prepare for this trip. If you have any questions, feel free to email your child’s teacher. If they can’t answer, they will direct you to the person who can!


Academy 4th grade teachers











2011 Academy at Nola Dunn Fourth Grade

Austin and San Antonio Trip Information




Bus Information:

  • We will load buses in front of The Academy at 6:30 am.  We will leave by 7:00 am. If you are not on the bus, we will leave you here.  Please be there in plenty of time to have your luggage loaded and be in your seat.
  • You are strongly encouraged to car pool or have someone drop you off, as there is limited parking space, and cars will not be monitored. Please be prompt!! Your teacher will direct you to your bus on Tuesday morning.  You will ride the same bus throughout the entire trip. 
  • Students may bring “G” rated videos to watch on the bus. They may also bring personal electronics as long as they have earphones!  (Last year several kids got motion sick because they were using some of these devices.  Bring them and use them with caution!)  Teachers, bus company, and parent chaperones are not responsible for lost, broken, or stolen items.



What do you wear?

  • On the day of departure, Tuesday, the students need to wear this year’s Academy Run-for-the-Rings t-shirts with jeans, fingertip length jean shorts, or Academy bottoms (shorts, pants, or skort). 
  • After we check into the hotel Tuesday evening, students may change into other clothing if they choose for dinner.  However, please remember your dress must follow the BISD Code of Conduct guidelines.  Please keep in mind that we are representing The Academy at Nola Dunn and that this is a school field trip.
  • On Wednesday the students will need to wear their 4th Grade Austin/San Antonio t-shirts with jeans, fingertip length jean shorts, or Academy bottoms (shorts, pants, or skort). 


Required Items to Bring:

  • One small suitcase per person or one large suitcase per family
  • One backpack-size bag per person on the bus
  • Camera – You’ll want pictures for your Austin/San Antonio Journal!
  • Austin/San Antonio Trip Notebook (provided)
  • Comfortable Shoes (No flip-flops on tours)
  • Appropriate Clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Sack Lunch and Drink for lunch on bus Tuesday
  • Spending $ for Souvenirs
  • $ for 2 Dinners
  • Itinerary




Optional Items to Bring:

  • Snacks for Bus and Hotel - No Glass Items NO NUTS OR PEANUTS!
  • Travel Games
  • Personal electronic items (with headphones) – iPod, DS, PSP, Gameboy, etc. (These items will not be permitted on tours)
  • G-Rated Movies (DVD) only for bus
  • Pillow/Blanket for bus
  • Books or Magazines to read


Please DO NOT bring gum on this trip!


Teacher’s attending:

  • Mindy Quisenberry
  • Joy Sullivan
  • Heidi Mize
  • Heath Kelly
  • Kelly Mogk
  • Jenny Smalley


Field Trip Expectations



  • Students are encouraged to bring snacks to eat during the bus trip.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY SNACKS WITH NUTS OR PEANUTS!  We have kids with severe allergies!  We do ask that you be considerate of what is appropriate to eat on a bus.  We are responsible for keeping the bus clean and stain free. Also, make sure all drinks have a lid on them.
  • Students may sit with their friends on the bus.  However, once a seat has been chosen, that is the seat he/she will stay in for the remainder of the trip.  If you want to change seats, you must find someone else who is willing to trade with you.  Please don’t take someone else’s seat without their permission!
  • Restrooms are located on the back of the bus.  Remember, everything that is put in these toilets stays with us for the remainder of the trip.  Use them only when absolutely necessary.
  • Be respectful and courteous to others at all times!



  • Students must be supervised by a chaperone at all times.
  • Students are not to leave the hotel alone for any reason.
  • Make certain students are in the hotel room by the 9:30 p.m. curfew. (Check in with your teacher in the lobby at 9:30 or before if you wish to go to bed early.)
  • Once you are in for the night, stay in.
  • No yelling or running in the hallways.  Remember, we’re not the only people in the building.
  • We will not be using the pool facilities at the hotel.
  • Because this is a school field trip, parents must not bring or consume alcohol or tobacco at any time on this trip as per BISD policy.



  • Tours are intended to be a learning experience.  You are expected to pay attention to the tour guides, ask appropriate questions, and participate if asked.
  • Kids will be required to take notes in their Austin/San Antonio folders at each location.  Remember, it is your child’s responsibility to write notes, not yours.
  • At all times, students are to stay with a parent or chaperone.  We do not want anyone wandering off alone.
  • If a student needs to use the restroom or buy a souvenir, a parent or chaperone must accompany him/her.


Chaperone Expectations:

  • Keep account of the student(s) assigned to you at all times.
  • Make certain your student(s) is/are in the hotel room by the 9:30 p.m. curfew. (Check in with your teacher in the lobby at 9:30 or before if you wish to go to bed early.)
  • Make sure student(s) are on the buses at appropriate times.
  • Make sure student(s) behave appropriately under your supervision.
  • The children are not to be left alone at any time, especially in the hotel rooms.
  • Carry a cell phone at all times.








Remember, we are representing our school and this is a learning experience.  We expect the students to be on their best behavior and to follow the Olympian Ring guidelines as well as the BISD Code of Conduct at all times.



Please read and review these guidelines with your child.



I have received, read, and understand the Austin Trip guidelines.


Student Signature:__________________________________


Parent Signature:___________________________________















Austin/San Antonio


T-Shirt and Lunch Requests



Student Name:  _______________________________________________________


Teacher:  ____________________________________________________________


Parent/Adult Attending:  _________________________________________________


1st payment of $75 due Friday, September 16th – DO NOT send more than $75 at this time.

2nd payment of $75 due Friday, September 30th

3rd and final payment (no more than $125) will be due Friday, October 14th

We will not have an exact cost until we know for sure how many people will be going on the trip.  We will let you all know final cost as soon as we have it.


  • Yes, I am willing to chaperone an extra student. I understand that I will be responsible for my child as well as one other student throughout the trip.


T-Shirt Info


Student t-shirt size                        child: S  M  L               adult: S  M  L  XL  XXL

Parent attending t-shirt size           child: S  M  L               adult: S  M  L  XL  XXL


Cell Phone Info


Parent attending’s cell phone number - _____________________________________

  • Phone numbers will be given to teachers only.


Wednesday lunch options

(Lunches include chips, fruit and a small drink.)


Student lunch:

  • turkey sandwich
  • roast beef sandwich


Parent lunch:

  • croissant club
  • roast beef croissant