About Me


A Miami native, Mr. Acosta graduated from The Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and Piano in 2013. Mr. Acosta has several piano compositions and is a musical director at his local church with the music ministry of the church being represented at a convention in Atlanta, Georgia in 2008.

Mr. Acosta’s contributions in music has had a major impact. Prior to joining Excelsior Charter Academy, Mr. Acosta taught preschool-aged children at Silly Monkeys Playhouse where he saw how the children grasped the musical elements being taught (singing, dancing, rhythms, and even guitar playing!) He has a true passion working with children. His central focus is for the children to learn the musical elements that will enhance cognitive processes that will last a life time. His ultimate satisfaction is that students are able to enjoy and create music with passion, as it will bring great diversity and be able to help students in all content areas, and most importantly, uncovering their inner music abilities. Outside of his profession, Mr. Acosta dedicates time to his local church, enjoys family time, is very outgoing, a sports fanatic, loves eating pizza, enjoys recreational activities, and has a love for gospel and classical music (among many others genres).


               "To play a wrong note is INSIGNIFICANT; to play without PASSION is INEXCUSABLE!"

                                                                                                                                                    -Ludwig van Beethoven