Earth and Environmental Science Classwork and Homework


Students went over the Lab Safety rules of the classroom and what not to do in the Lab and how to preform with safe procedures.  Students also went over where the safety equipment in the classroom was located and how in case of emergency to operate different types of equipment.  Students was also introduced to GLP (Good laboratory practices) and how and why they are used in the lab setting.

Students are to do the What-not-to-do Lab exercises and the Lab safety worksheet that was given to them in class today.  Students are also to read GLP Handbook found at Students are to read Pages 7, 12, 35-40-Introduction to GLP and what is it.


Students discussed the importance of INDEPENDENT VARIABLE and DEPENDENT VARIABLE.  Students where able to determine what is the significance of Independent Variable and Dependent variable and how where they used in relation to scientific method.  Students where also given the Independent variable worksheet for homework to be due in class the next day.  Students observed a powerpoint presentation detailing the relationship of Independent variable and Dependent variable


Students performed their lab qualification test, that determined the students proficiency and maturity in handling a lab.  Students where given a mock experiment to perform that allowed the students to witness the process of yeast and to determine if the yeast is a living organism and the effects it has on it surroundings.  The students where also required to write a Lab report following the steps of the scientific method and its procedures.  The lab report is due Tues 04Sep2012, it is to be written in blue or black ink or typed. 


Today, Students started to discuss graphs.  As apart of Analyzing data students must be able to construct graphs for the appropriate graphs.  Today's graph was linear which graphs data over a change of time.  Students where able to realize the importance of the graph.  For the Catalyst exercise the students completed a Spongebob Squarepants activity that directly relates to IV and DV and how to determine the contrl group and the experimental group.


Students discussed the uses of different types of graphs.  Students observed bar, pie, and line graphs and determined which type of data each graph was used for.  Students also used LENSES (Look, Examine, Notice, Speculate, Evaluate, and Summarized) to interpret data on a graph so that they may be able to read graphs more effectively.