Mr. B's Algebra 1 Class


Hey there! It's Mr. Brendan Niggemeier here, but you can call me Mr. B (or anything else really that wouldn't offend me). I will be your instructor this year for Algebra 1! This is our class website, which will play a pivotal role in you succeeding in this class. I invite you all to explore our site as much as you can before our first day of classes and see what you can find out!

On our first day, I will be going over our website with you guys and answering any questions you may have after exploring it yourselves! I am very excited to meet all of you! 

Signing off,

Mr. B

Image result for mathWhy Math Is IMPORTANT

While some may say math is useless because they're never going to need to know this stuff in their future, here's a good example of someone who now will likely disagree with you. Did you know the answer before the end of the video?

Grading Layout

Tests (4 tests and a final)50% of final gradesurprise

Homework20% of final gradesmiley

Attendance20% of final gradeangel

Participation10% of final gradewink

For the tests portion of grading, if you receive a bad grade on one of you four tests, the grade you receive on your final can replace the low test grade if it is higher. For example, if you get a 65% on one of your tests, and an 88% on your final, you may use the final to replace your 65%. In this scenario the 65% changes to an 88% and you still keep the 88% on your final.