ME12/6 Journal

 Journal Entry 9/23: Function Rules                     

      1.     What is an independent variable?

2.     What is a dependent variable?

3.     What is a function?

Journal Entry 9/21: Parentheses

     1.     When do we evaluate parentheses?

2.     What do we do when there are two parentheses in the same question?

     3.     What do we do when there is a parentheses inside another parentheses?

Journal Entry 9/20:  Order of Operations

     1.  What are the "orders of operations"?

     2.  What is the rule that applies to addition/subtraction, and multiplication/division? 

Journal Entry 9/16:  Operations

     1.  What are some of the keywords I look for to determine what operation I use?

     2.  Give an example of a question with addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division.

Journal Entry 9/14:  Why are goals important?

     1.  Why are goals important?

     2.  Why should I evaluate my goals often?

     3.  What is my math goal for this year?