MT12/2 Journal

Journal Entry 9/24: Quadratic Formula

     1.  When would you use the quadratic formual instead of factoring?

     2.  What is the quadratic formula?

     3.  What does +- mean? 

Journal Entry 9/23: Quadratic Equations

     1.  Why do we set quadratic equation =0?

     2.  Does a quadratic equation ALWAYS have to have 2 different roots?

     3.  Do the roots of a quadratic equation have to be integers?

Journal Entry 9/21: Factor Trinomials 

     1.  What are the steps to factor trinomials?

     2.  Ms. Varano factored x2+5x-4 as (x+4)(x+1) because 4(1)=4 and 4+1=5.  Do you agree with Ms. Varano?           Explain why or why not.

Journal Entry 9/17: Factor Polynomials 

     1.  How do you factor “difference of perfect squares”?

     2.  Explain why a factor has to be common to all parts of a polynomial to pull it out.

     3.  Factor completely 8x3-18x 

Journal Entry 9/16:  Equations with inequalities

     1.  What is different when solving inequalities?

     2.  Explain the “thumbs up, thumbs down” method.

Journal Entry 9/15:  Unit 1 Pretest 

     1.  What standards were easiest for me?

     2.  What standards were hardest for me?

     3.  What are the steps for solving absolute value equation? 

Journal Entry 9/13:  Why are goals important?

     1.  Why are goals important?

     2.  Why should I evaluate my goals often?

     3.  What is my math goal for this year?