Classroom News

By Caitlyn Wilson my report of the fifth grade day of school


I have been picked out of the class to write about what we did in school on October 19 2009! When we came in the classroom we had a morning worksheet called Animals With Backbones. It was five paragraphs long and seven questions long. P.E was our next class, but another class had to do the mile run. So we went to computer instead. After that, we had reading time and the whole class is reading Maniac Magee. Our assignment is to read to chapter seven. The chapters seem to be short. Once that was done, we had calendar time today’s date is Oct.19! Afterwards, Daisy , Megan ,Jerry and I have to go to Mrs,Smallwood for math when that was over, we had to go to writing we are working on short storys. Next, we had lunch we had ribs they were really good. In science, we had to make Voc. Cards. Because we have a test on Wednesday. When we were done, we did learning lab we get help with math writing or anything else. Finally, the day is over and we had a great day just like everyday!!!!!!!!