Social Studies Notes

  As the war began, the North and South fought many battles. The North taught that the war would not last more than 90 days. The North was surprised about how well the South fought. The North’s Strategies General Winfield Scott planned strategy had 3 parts………. Part 1A blockade was set up to prevent ships from delivering goods and prevented the South from shipping goods out. This caused a problem for the South because they could not get supplies (food, weapons) in or ship cotton and tobacco out which prevented them from collecting money they need for the pay for the War. Part 2The North wanted to capture land close to the Mississippi River. This would weaken the Confederacy by splitting into 2 parts.  Part 3Attack the South from the east and the west. This plan was called the Anaconda Plan. It was called this because it would squeeze the Confederacy like and Anaconda snake.
    Early Battles First Battle at Bull Run ·        Was in Manassas Junction, Virginia. ·        The Confederacy won the battle ·        The Confederacy leader was  General Thomas Stonewall Jackson
Battle of Antietam·        Was fought in Sharpsburg, Maryland. ·        The Confederacy was led by Robert E. Lee. ·        The Union (north) won the battle Main Ideas1)    The Union (north) and the Confederacy (south) both had strategies to win the War.2)    The Confederacy won the first Battle of Bull Run3)    The Union won the Battle of Antietam