Parent Space

Welcome Parent!


The due dates for the homework should be written in the student planner. Ask to see your student's planner daily - this will increase communication. I would also ask that you assist your student in preparing for tests and quizzes (assessments) by asking them questions aloud, reviewing the study questions for that test/quiz, or by monitoring their study time. Research has proven that students retain information that is heard or read by repeating it/teaching it to another person.

If you have any questions regarding grades, expectations or classroom rules, please communicate with me immediately. When a student is doing poorly, it is usually not a surprise to the student, only to the parent. Email is usually the quickest and easiest form of communication, although phone conferences or parent/student/teacher conferences are sometimes necessary.

Grading Scale:

100-93 =A

92-85 =B

84-75 =C

74-65 =D

64 and below =F

To view the gradebook, visit Skyward.|68|&NodeID=69