This page will be used exclusively for the Pre-Algebra Classes.

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Daily Assignments and Activities

Wed. Sept.1: Intro to course, letter home; Bellwork 1; Intro to Goal Setting

Thurs. Sept. 2: Set Goals for course and personal; Bellwork 2

Fri. Sept. 3: Effort can = achievement; Bellwork 3; Inventory of Skills; letter home due today

Tues. Sept. 7: Types of Graphs. Definitions and Examples. Powerpoint with definitions: Scroll down, click on the powerpoint icon. Assignment: Punchline Pg. 104

Weds. Sept. 8: Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Mode, Range);Assignment: Punchline 103; Powerpoint Presentation:,%20Median,%20and%20Mode.ppt

Thurs. Sept. 9: Frequency Tables and Histograms (Counting Data). Assignment: Punchline 106

Fri. Sept. 10: Classwork on Mean, Median, Mode, Surveys, Reading Graphs. NO HW

Mon. Sept. 13: Surveys: Population, Sample, Sample Size, Bias. Assignment: Survey Activity

Tues. Sept. 14: Complete Survey Activity in class; create graphs; video on sampling NO HW

Weds. Sept. 15: Scatterplots. Video on types of data representation. Assignment: Punchline 1.13

Thurs. Sept. 16: Box and Whisker Plots. Finding Quartiles, extremes, inter-quartile ranges. Assignment: Punchline 107

Fri. Sept. 17: Stem and Leaf Plots. Finding stems and leaves. Classwork. NO HW

Mon. Sept. 20: Parts of a Circle. Radius, Diameter, chords, central angles, inscribed angles. Finding measures of central angles. Assignment: WS 2-1

Tues. Sept. 21: Area/Circumference of circles; go over formulas for each (formulas are also in student planner). Video on finding area of circles; Assignment: Begin Punchline 154 (Circumference) in class.

Weds. Sept. 22: Area/Circumference continued. Finish Punchline 154 in class, and begin Punchline 155 (Area).

Thurs. Sept. 23: Finish Area/Circumference. Finish Punchline 155 in class; Students receive study guide for test tomorrow.

Fri. Sept. 24: Test on Data Analysis- Mean, surveys, graphs. NO HW

Mon. Sept. 27: Categories of Polygons; Definition of polygons; Area of triangles and quadrilaterals; Assignment: Punchline 152

Tues. Sept. 28: Area of Triangles and Trapezoids continued; Video review of area formulas; Assignment: Punchline 153

Weds. Sept. 29: Angles-vertical, adjacent, etc.; parrallel line theorems; measuring angles; Video on angles; Assignment: Punchline 136

Thurs. Sept. 30: Triangle Types: scalene, equilateral, isosceles, acute, right and obtuse. Total measure of angles inside = 180 degrees. Assignment: Punchline 137.

Fri. Oct. 1: Computer Lab Activity: Shopping Spree

Mon. Oct. 4: Parallel Lines and Angles: interior, exterior and corresponding angles; corresponding angles are congruent; transversal- a line that crosses two or more other lines. Assignment: Punchline 139

Tues. Oct. 5: Angles of Polygons. Sum of the measures of the interior angles of polygons. Define regular polygon: a polygon with all congruent interior angles and congruent sides. Assignment: Punchline 143

Weds. Oct. 6: Congruent Figures. Rules of Congruency. Triangles: SAS, SSS, ASA theorems. Finding congruent figures. Assignment:  Punchline 145

Thurs. Oct. 7: Similar Figures: Set up proportions to determine whether or not 2 polygons are similar. Assignment: Punchline 142

Fri. Oct. 8: Similar Figures continued. Solve word problems using similar figure fundamentals and proportions. Assignment: Punchline 143

Mon. Oct. 11: Translations: Rotations, Reflections and Slides. Demonstrate on Smartboard how to rotate and reflect polygons. Do examples together as class. Assignment: Punchline 146

Tues. Oct. 12: Squares and Square Roots. Perfect Squares. Between what two integers is the square root. Assignment: Punchline 113

Weds. Oct. 13: Pythagorean Theorem Part 1: Introduce Pythagorean Theorem; For right triangles only; Video; Assignment: Punchline 114

Thurs. Oct. 14: Pythagorean Theorem Part 2: Find the missing side of a right triangle.  Use the squares and/or square roots of a number to find the missing side of a right triangle. Students receive review sheet for Friday test. Assignment: Study for test

Fri. Oct. 15: Test 2 on Geometry concepts, including area, perimeter, circumference (circles), radius, types of polygons.

Mon. Oct. 18: Adding Integers and the integer number line; Definition of integer; Discovery Math video on integers; Assignment: Punchline 25 and 26

Tues. Oct. 19: Adding 3 or more integers; combining like terms using addition only; Examples in class; rules for addition; Assignment: Punchline 27

Weds. Oct. 20: Subtracting integers; combining like terms using subtraction only; Go over Punchline 27 from Tues. Examples of subtraction in class; rules for subtraction; Assignment: Punchline 28

Thurs.Oct. 21: Adding and Subtracting integers; Simplifying expressions using addition and subtraction; Go over assignment from Weds. Examples in class; Assignment: Puchline 29

Fri. Oct. 22: Combining Like Terms OR Mindtrap game for problem solving

Mon. Oct. 25: Review combining like terms. Multiplying and dividing integers, including using exponents. Present rules for multiplying and dividing integers. Any two numbers with same sign = positive; any two numbers with opposite signs = negative answer. Assignment: Punchline 32 & 35

Tues. Oct. 26: ACT Explore test

Weds. Oct. 27: Exponents and Powers of numbers. Review multiplying and dividing from Monday. Give examples of using variables and exponents. Multiply (add) and divide (subtract) exponents. Assignment: Punchline 63 & 64

Thurs. Oct. 28: Writing the variable expression when given the written sentence/phrase. Assignment: Punchline 21 & 22.

Fri. Oct. 29: Classwork on integers, expressions, combining like terms. Sub in room all day.