Algebra 1

Algebra 1

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Daily Activities and Assignments

Wed. Sept. 1: Intro to Course; Letter Home; Goal Setting Intro

Thurs. Sept. 2: Goal Setting Worksheet; Bellwork 2 (if time)

Fri. Sept. 3: Effort can = Achievement; Bellwork 3

Tues. Sept. 7: Types of Graphs and Measures of Central Tendency. Assignment: Punchline 103

Weds. Sept. 8: Writing Variable Equations; Assignment: WS 1-2, evens or odds

Thurs. Sept. 9: Order of Operations; Assignment: WS 1-3, every third problem

Fri. Sept. 10: Classwork on Absolute Value/order of operations. NO HW

Mon. Sept. 13: Finish Order of Operations; exponents Assignment: Punchline 1.3

Tues. Sept. 14: Surveys: Samples, Population, Sample Size, Bias. Assignment: Survey worksheet

Weds. Sept. 15: Probability. Outcomes, events, dependent and independent events. Assignment: Punchline 108

Thurs. Sept. 16: Number Properties. Commutative, Associative, Distributive, Identity. Assignment: Punchline 1.5

Fri. Sept. 17: Mindtrap Problem Solving. NO HW

Mon. Sept. 20: Adding and Subtracting Matrices. Assignment: WS 1-8

Tues. Sept. 21: Scatterplots. Line of best fit, correlation, ordered pairs. Assignment: Punchline 1.13

Weds. Sept. 22: Continuous and Discrete Data. Continuous data usually invovles a measurement; Discrete data concerns specific counts. Assignment: WS 2-2

Thurs. Sept. 23: Independent/Dependent Events, graphing tables onto the coordinate plane. Students receive study guide for Test 1; Assignment: WS 2-3

Fri. Sept. 24: Test 1 covering surveys, central tendency, probability.

Mon. Sept. 27: Function or not a Function? Determining whether or not a relation is also a function; Assignment: Punchline 6.5

Tues. Sept. 28: Solving functions; Domain and Range; Assignment: Punchline 6.6

Weds. Sept. 29: Function Rules; Writing a function rule based on information in a table of values; Assignment: WS 2.5

Thurs. Sept. 30: Creating a table for a written function. Choose 4 values for x. Assignment: WS 2.6

Fri. Oct. 1: Computer Lab Activity: Shopping Spree

Mon. Oct. 4: Function Families: Linear, Quadratic, Absolute Value. Based on highest power of the variable: Assignment: WS 2.7

Tues. Oct. 5: Solving one-step variable equations by doing the opposite process. Assignment:  Punchline 3.5

Weds. Oct. 6: Problem solving by solving one step variable equations. Assignment: Punchline 3.5

Thurs. Oct. 7: Begin solving two-step variable equations. Examples in class. Assignment: Punchline 3.8

Fri. Oct. 8: Mindtrap problem solving practice/game

Mon. Oct. 11: Solving two-step variable equations with combining like terms. Define terms. Assignment: Punchline 3.10

Mon. Oct. 11: Solving two-step variable equations with combining like terms. Define terms. Assignment: Punchline 3.10

Tues. Oct. 12: Solving variable equations using the distributive property and combining like terms. Assignment: Punchline 3.14

Weds. Oct. 13: Solving variable equations with variables on both sides. Assignment: Punchline 3.15

Thurs. Oct. 14: Solving variable equations with variables on both sides and using the distributive property. Students receive review sheet for test on Friday. Assignment: Study for test

Fri. Oct. 15: Test 2 over Chapter two in purple book, and first 5 sections of Chapter 3. Functions (is it, types) and variable equations.

Mon. Oct. 18: Finish up test (those who need to); Classwork, Punchline 3.11. No Homework

Tues. Oct. 19: Solving variable equations with variables on both sides and using the distributive property. Assignment: Punchline 3.16

Weds. Oct. 20: Word Problems: writing equations and solving with a variable on both sides. Go over in Punchline 3.16 in class. Assignment: 3.17

Thurs. Oct. 21: Go over Punchline 3.17 in class, solving and working out every problem.

Fri. Oct. 22: Mindtrap game, problem solving.

Mon. Oct. 25: Finish up equations. Review the types of variable equations we have been working on. One step; variable on both sides; using the distributive property. Assignment: Punchline 3.18

Tues. Oct. 26: Equations involving percents of a number. Assignment: WS 3-7

Weds. Oct. 27: Percent of change. Go over WS 3-7 from yesterday. Give examples of how to find percent of change on smartboard. Assignment: WS 3-8

Thurs. Oct. 28: Probability

Fri. Oct. 29: Classwork, sub in room