Global History 9R Overwiew

Global History 9 Syllabus


Class Texts and Study Materials

  • Ellis & Esler : World History Connections to Today
  • Copious Handouts

Class Materials

  • Three Ring Binder
  • Loose-leaf Paper
  • A healthy supply of pens and pencils
  • Package of large size index cards
  • Access to a computer and internet

Recommended materials

  • Notebook dictionary (found where school supplies are sold)
  • Notebook atlas

Class web page



  • Each week’s homework will be placed on my class page on Monday and left there for the entire week.  There will be no excuses for not knowing what is assigned. 
  • Being absent is no excuse for not completing homework assignments
  • Homework will be modified from time to time so listen to any daily announcements. 
  • Occasional homework’s (about one per week) will be collected and graded as a quiz.  This will not be announced!


  • Class grades will be based on exams, essays, projects, quizzes, homework, and class participation. 
  • Essays will include Document Based Essay Questions (D.B.Q.s), and thematic essay questions.  They will be similar to the questions your will have to answer on the NY State History Regents.  You can expect an essay every 10 to 14 days.
  • For every day an essay is late 10 POINTS will be deducted per dayNo essay will be accepted after two days.
  • Exams will be given after each chapter, although some chapters will be combined.  Exams will vary between combinations of multiple choices, short answers, and essays.
  •  Quizzes will vary between multiple choice, fill-in, and short answers.  The number of quizzes will vary depending on chapter.

Only hard copies of assignments will be accepted.  I will not accept CDs, USB drives, or emailed assignments.  It is your responsibility to keep an ink supply for your printer and have a copy available on the day an assignment is due.  Assignment calendars should prevent last-minute work.

Late Work and Make-up Work

  • When a student is absent he/she should contact a fellow student or myself immediately upon returning to class. 
  • Be sure to speak privately with me before or after class. 
  • Having a class partner to rely on during absences is recommended. 
  • Work must be made up within 2 days after absence. 

Asking for help

  • When you have a question for me simply raise your hand and wait patiently, I will help you as fast as possible. 
  • Please do not yell out questions or start asking people around you.  This will cause a disruption in class and it will take longer for me to help.



  • To avoid interruptions, please do not ask for a pass unless it is absolutely necessary; however not during the first and last ten minutes.  If you are going to be late for class get a pass.


Grade Breakdown

Tests/Essays/Projects                                         40%

Quizzes                                                                        25%

Homework                                                                20%

Participation/In-Class assignments              15%


Extra Help

  • Extra help is available and encouraged.  I am available Period 9 Mon-Wed in Room 316.  If you plan on staying just remind me at some point during the day. 


Extra Credit

  • There will be no extra credit offered.




Parental Contact


  • I will be in contact with your parents on a regular basis.  Not every call home will be for poor behavior.  I frequently call home to let you parents know of a job well done. 
  • Just remember that a phone call home is not made to hurt you it’s made to help you.



Classroom Rules

            1.        Be on time and prepared to work.

            2.        Be respectful to me and your classmates.

            3.        Bring all necessary materials to class EVERYDAY.

            4.        Do not interrupt class to discuss personal issues/problems

                       (meet with me in private).


Course Description and Objective


Global 9 is the first half of a two year course which will prepare students for the Global History Regents Exam at the end of your 10th grade year. We will spend a substantial amount of time looking at primary source documents and delving into the Global Curriculum deeper then you did in your 8th grade U.S History Class. The course also uses higher level textbook than the one used in 8th grade. This course will cover material from a global perspective an examination of the world from Pre History to the Age of Absolutism (roughly 2 Million B.C – A.D. 1750.  This course will require students to analyze and evaluate a series of themes and investigate how these themes have changed over time, and compare from region to region. This course provides balanced global coverage, with Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe all represented.


This course relies heavily on the student's ability to read, interpret and analyze a variety of written material. The class will rely heavily on discussion where students are responsible for completing the assigned readings before the start of class.