Bucket Fillers


bucket book 

The Bucket Filler Philosophy:
In our classroom, we take a simple approach to the notion of kindness. We shared a book together at the beginning of the year, called "Have you Filled a Bucket Today?" The idea is that each person carries an imaginary bucket around every day of their life. All day one is either having their bucket filled by others or filling others. Saying kind words, doing something nice, or just giving a smile are all ways we fill buckets. Our goal is to fill many buckets each day we are at Mill Creek Upper Elementary. As part of our classroom culture, the act of filling buckets happens daily!

A great question to always ask your student is...

DID YOU FILL A BUCKET TODAY? bucketbucketbucketbucketbucketbucketbucket How does bucket filling work?  Each week, students use an official bucet filling form to write something positive to another classmate or community member in the building. Sometimes we will buckets of friends in other classes, staff members, or our administrators.