Music Links


Classics for Kids
This site is based on a radio broadcast program. The site interactive game section includes a composer game, a note identification game, a composition game and a rhythmic dictation game. The instruments of the orchestra section includes separate pages for each instrument with a description, picture and sound clip. Each show can be listened to on line and worksheets can be downloaded.

This site has three separate sections. There is a student section, a teacher section and an other section. Each section includes video lessons, an original music library, music lessons, an interactive piano and a site for purchasing music materials. The student site includes guitar tabs for popular songs, a music directory, student resources, and top selling musicians. The teacher site includes lesson plans, a music teacher directory, teacher resources, and recommendations. The other site includes, all of the links.  Free on line music lessons include piano, guitar, bass, clarinet, saxophone, percussion, trumpet, flute, and music theory.

New York Philharmonic Kids Site
This site is a very kid-friendly site. Students can write their own music by visiting the composition workshop. Explore the instrument lab to see how to make your own instruments out of materials you might find around your home. Meet musicians in the New York Philharmonic by visiting musician’s lounge. Learn about composers by visiting the composer’s gallery. Visit the instrument storage room to learn about instruments of the orchestra and visit the game room to play music games.

San Francisco Symphony Kid’s Site
This site includes great activities for students. Visit the Instruments of the Orchestra page to see a great encyclopedia of orchestra instruments. Visit the Music Lab to experiment with the basic elements of music and create your own music. Visit the What’s up at the Symphony page to find out about the San Francisco Symphony. 

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kid’s Site
In the Kid’s section: Orchestra Seating chart-shows the instrumentation and seating arrangement for the different time periods. Composer’s Corner-has information on a number of composers from the Baroque to the Modern period. Instrument Encyclopedia-has an extensive collection of orchestral instrument photographs, sound clips and description of each. Time Machine-play music games by visiting this site. And Much more! In the Teacher section: Includes many of the same sections as student with the addition of Lesson plan section (great plans including science, social studies, physical education etc.).

MENC (Music Educators National Conference)
Stay up-to-date on the latest music education news around the country by visiting this site. The latest legislation effecting music education in our country can be found here. Music advocacy avenues can be explored. Jobs can be posted and links to most any type of music site can be found here as well.

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
This site has an extensive collection of medieval and Renaissance instruments. Click on the individual names to see a picture, read the history, and hear a sound clip of the instrument being played. There are also additional links for each instrument. They have done a fantastic job with collecting authentic information and providing students with good historical background on the instruments and time period. 

Recorder Player
This site is a great site for learning to play the recorder. It includes information on how to hold the instrument, how to produce sound on the instrument, and how to finger different notes on the instrument. The site also includes a number of songs to play with accompaniment tracks that can be adjusted to play faster or slower depending on the learner’s progress. A section on music theory teaches students the basics they need to know about reading the music. Quizzes, theory worksheets and much more are also included!

Hop Pop
This is a great site for the younger music student (ages 3-10). The site is designed primarily for exploration in musical sounds and improvisation. The site is easy to navigate. Pictures represent different sounds. Students can explore a cartoon-like environment and associate sounds with pictures to create their own sound-scapes. There are also games that can be played once the page has been explored.

NIEHS Kid’s Page
Need to know the tune to a kids song? Need to have the lyrics to a popular kid’s song? Check out this site! It has numerous popular kid’s songs that are arranged alphabetically and categorically. The site includes midi files of the songs as well as lyrics and links to other informational sites.