Chapter Notes

Below you will find notes for the chapters.  The notes are gone over in class and students copy them into their chapter packet.  The notes are helpful in preparing for quizzes and tests.

Chapter 1-The Beginnings of Human Society

Chapter 1, Section 1 Notes-"Geography and History"

Chapter 1, Section 2 Notes- "Prehistory"

Chapter 1, Section 3 Notes- "The Beginnings of Civilization"


Chapter 2- The Fertile Crescent

Chapter 2, Section 1 Notes- "The Land Between Two Rivers"

Chapter 2, Section 2 Notes- "Fertile Crescent Empires"

Chapter 2, Section 3 Notes- "The Legacy of Mesopotamia

Chapter 2, Section 4 Notes- "Mediterranean Civilizations"

Chapter 2, Section 5 Notes- "Judaism"


Chapter 3- Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Chapter 3, Section 1 Notes- "The Geography of the Nile"

Chapter 3, Section 2 Notes- "Rulers of Egypt"

Chapter 3, Section 3 Notes- "Egyptian Religion"

Chapter 3, Section 4 Notes- "Ancient Eyptian Culture"

Chapter 3, Section 5 Notes- "The Cultures of Nubia"


Chapter 6- The Rise of Ancient Greece

Chapter 6, Section 1 Notes- "The Rise of Greek Civilization"

Chapter 6, Section 2 Notes- "Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts


Chapter 7- The Glory of Ancient Greece

Chapter 7, Section 1 Notes- "Daily Life in Athens"

Chapter 7, Section 2 Notes- "Athens and Sparta"

Chapter 7, Section 3 Notes- "The Spread of Greek Culture"


Chapter 8- The Rise of Ancient Rome

Chapter 8, Section 1 Notes- "The Roman Republic"

Chapter 8, Section 2 Notes- "The Roman Empire"


Chapter 9- The Fate of Rome

Chapter 9, Section 1 Notes- "Roman Daily Life"

Chapter 9, Section 2 Notes- "Christianity and the Roman Empire"

Chapter 9, Section 3 Notes- "The Fall of Rome"