Chapter Summaries

Below you will find the links to the summaries of each section i the chapter.  The summaries are great ways to review.

Chapter 1- The Beginnings of Human Society

Chapter 1, Section 1 Summary- "Geography and History"

Chapter 1, Section 2 Summary- "Prehistory"

Chapter 1, Section 3 Summary- "The Beginnings of Civilization"


Chapter 2- The Fertile Crescent

Chapter 2, Section 1 Summary- "The Land Between Two Rivers"

Chapter 2, Section 2 Summary- "Fertile Crescent Empires"

Chapter 2, Section 3 Summary- "The Legacy of Mesopotamia"

Chapter 2, Section 4 Summary- "Mediterranean Civilizations"

Chapter 2, Section 5 Summary- "Judaism"


Chapter 3- Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Chapter 3, Section 1 Summary- "Geography of the Nile"

Chapter 3, Section 2 Summary- "Rulers of Egypt"

Chapter 3, Section 3 Summary- "Egyptian Religion"

Chapter 3, Section 4 Summary- "Ancient Egyptian Culture"

Chapter 3, Section 5 Summary- "The Cultures of Nubia"


Chapter 6- The Rise of Ancient Greece

Chapter 6, Section 1 Summary- "The Rise of Greek Civilization"

Chapter 6, Section 2 Summary- "Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts"


Chapter 7- The Glory of Ancient Greece

Chapter 7, Section 1 Summary- "Daily Life in Athens"

Chapter 7, Section 2 Summary- "Athens and Sparta"

Chapter 7, Section 3 Summary- The Spread of Greek Culture"


Chapter 8- The Rise of Ancient Rome

Chapter 8, Section 1 Summary- "The Roman Republic"

Chapter 8, Section 2 Summary- "The Roman Empire"


Chapter 9- The Fate of Ancient Rome