Mr. Casey's 6th Grade Social Studies Class


Welcome to Mr. Casey's class!


 Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year.  This website was created as a way to keep families informed about what is happening in our classroom as well as a one stop resource center for students and parents.  This main page will change and be updated through out the school year as well as the Newsletter and Syllabus section. Please use and refer to this page as often as needed.


This Week In Social Studies:  Here you will see an outline of the topics for the week at a glance.


Date Topic
Monday: October 19 Ch 1 Study Guide
Tuesday: October 20 Ch 1 Study Guide/Review
Wednesday:October 21  Ch 1 Test
Thursday: October 22 Chapter 2 Vocabulary Introduction
Friday: October 23 Chapter 2: Reviewing Vocabulary





When we return to our in-person school, here is a list of supplies that will be needed:




Materials Needed:

Students will be required to have the following with them daily in class:

Notebook (Two Subject Notebook for Social Studies Only)

Pencils/Pens (colors are your choice)

Hightlighter (color of your choice)

Crayons or Colored Pencils (maximum of 24 count)

Folder (for social studies only)