Welcome to 5th/6th Grades at Glenoaks Elementary School

Welcome to the 2010/2011 Academic Year!
"Teachers exert an influence on the students not only with what they say, but also with the intonation of their voices, their smiles, gestures, clothes, movements and their whole attitude toward the pupils."
Dr. Georgi Lozanov   
My Message to all of you:
Dear Parents and Students,
      First, I would like to welcome you to my "online classroom."  Our classroom website will be updated with pertinent information related to the whole class.  Parents, I promise to challenge the cognitive skills of your son/daughter as they continue to learn new skills and concepts across our curriculum.  Students will understand the importance of studying, research, taking notes and asking direct questions pertinent to their learning experience. Students are encouraged to ask questions for clarification. I am preparing your son/daughter for middle school, high school, college and LIFE. Students in my classroom are only permitted to write in pen, blue or black, only.  Students are permitted to use pencil for mathematical calculations only.
     This year is gong to be fun!  I believe that students should actively participate in their own educational experiences. Students need the opportunity of facilitating their own learning.  Students will work independtly as well as work in cooperative groups. 
Mr. C. Smile
Who is the 5th/6th Grade Teacher?  
       My name is Mr. Castillo and I am an alumus of Antelope Valley College and California State University, Northridge.  I am finishing up my graduate work at Loyola Marymount University where I will receive a Masters in Elementary Edcuation (M.Ed.).  I taught 5th grade for many years in the private sector of eduaction.  In addition to teaching full-time, I was also Vice-Principal.  I do consider myself blessed in many ways, which includes working amongst a professional faculty, staff and administrative team.  
     I realize that teaching your son/daughter is a tremendous responsibility.  I will ensure that your son/daughter will have a motivating, safe, and fun learning experience in my classroom.  We, you and I, are partners in the learning process and we need to ensure responsibility to educate and form a well-rounded student respectfully.  
Monthly Birthdays: 
Happy Birthday
Mr. Castillo              Septmber 11
What will my son/daughter learn this year Mr. Castillo?
All academic subjects, including PE, are based on the California State Standards.  I teach according to the standard and benchmark respectively.
5th grade:  California State Standards
Math:  By the end of grade five, students increase their facility with the four basic arthmetic operations applied to fractions, decimals and positive and negative numbers.  They know and use common measuring units to determine length and area and know and use formulas to determine volume of simple geometric figures.  Students know the concept of angle measurement and use a protractor and compass to solve problems.  They use grids, tables, graphs and charts to record and analyze data.
Language Arts:
6th grade: California State Standards
Math:  By the end of grade six, students have mastered the four arithmetic operations with whole numbers, positive fractions, positive decimals, and positive and negative integers; they accurately compute and solve problems.  They apply their knowledge to statistics and probability.  Students understand the concepts of mean, median, and mode of data sets and how to calculate the range.  They analyze data and sampling processes for possible bias and misleading conclusions; they use addition andd multiplication of fractions routinely to calculate the probabilities for coupound events.  Students conceptually understand and work with ratios and proportions; they compute percentages.  Students know about pi and the formulas for the circumference and area of a circle.  They use letters for numbers in formulas involving geometric shapes and in ratios to represent an unknown part of an expression.  They solve one-step linear equations.
Language Arts:
When will my son/daughter have opportunties or mini-opportunties?
As an educator, I understand the word "test" often comes with negative connotations and a level of uncertainty.  Therefore, thorugh my pedagogical studies, I implemented "Opportunity" because it provides my students the opportunity of showing me what they learned.  Mini-opportunties are given weekely in math and language arts.  Opportunities are subject to change at the teachers discretion.
Opportunities (5th grade):                                           Opportunities (6th grade):
Monday:                                                                          Monday:
Tuesday:                                                                          Tuesday:
Wednesday:                                                                    Wednesday:
Thursday:                                                                        Thursday:
Friday:                                                                             Friday:
WIll my son/daughter be required to do special projects/assignments?
Yes, I believe in a "hands on"experience in the educational process.  Projects are done in class to ensure that students do their own work.  I will provide notice to parents regarding upcoming projects:  In this notice you will receive due dates, objectives, purpose, materials, etc.  
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