Up Coming Events:

     *Fifth Grade Concert, Next week on Friday at Five O'Clock in the main gym. All ticket sales will go towards the new outdoor playground.

     *The last week of this month there will be a book fair and ice cream social. everyone is welcome. Dont forget to fill out any preorder slips. I will be sending these home this week.

     *After school actvities will start the first week of next month. There is a informational sheet coming home with all the activites adn times.


Course Work:

    READING- students will be finishing there survival novels

    MATH- Students will be learing six strategies on how to compare fractions from eachother.

    SCIENCE- Students will developinga their mold experiment. They will also be introduced on the ecosytem.

    SOCIAL STUDIES- we will be starting a new unit on the civil rights  movement. So theres no home work due

    WRITING- Studnets will be editing their final draft on their personal naritive.      

--------------------------------------------------------- Students of the Week:

       * Staring next week I will be choosing one studetn that has qualified to be Student of the Week based from their hard work,  collaberation, and their ability to go above and beyond in school. So remind your child that I will be looking for students that exceed expectations.


Workshop times:

     The times for workshop still remain the same as last quarter.

                        -Before school from 7:30-8:45

                        -After school from 2:30-3:45



       *The weather is changing and its important the each child comes to school with warm clothing so that each student can be warm when they go out for reces.

       * Please make sure your child comes to school with a healthy snack and nothing to messy.

        * Teacher/Parent Confrence are coming soon. Please respond to me about your time slot. The meetings will go over any question you might have and the progress of your child.