Persuasive Essay assignment Essay #2

Part of being a young adult is to develop your own views, values and ideas about information as it is being presented to you.  Writing the "Persuasive Essay" you are trying to convince your reader to see and accept your views about a given topic.

1. Select Topic

2. Develop a viewpoint

3. Write a persuasive essay defending and explaining your viewpoint to the reader.

4. Follow the established guidelines for assignments in our class.

5. 500-750 words firm


Due September 23rd FIRM  

(below are guidelines for success we discussed in class) 


How to Write a Persuasive Essay


When writing a persuasive essay, your purpose is to convince your audience to embrace your idea or point of view. Keeping this purpose in mind is the key to writing an effective persuasion.


Essential steps for writing a persuasive essay:

Identify your main idea or point of view. Your purpose will be to persuade your audience to accept this idea or point of view.


Identify your audience. To write an effective persuasive essay, try to understand your audience. For example, is your readers’ undecided about your issue? Or are your readers hostile to your point of view?

Considering your audience, identify the strongest supporting points for your persuasion.

Identify the most significant opposing view. Explaining and then refuting the opposing view strengthens the credibility and scope of your essay.


How to organize your persuasive essay:


Your introduction should hook your reader's attention and provide background information on your topic or controversy.

The paragraph should end with a clear statement of your main idea or point of view.


Body paragraphs

Your body paragraphs should present the points in support of your main idea.

Each body paragraph should focus on one point.

Be sure to provide evidence or examples for each point.


Opposing view

After presenting your supporting points, develop one paragraph to accurately explain and then refute the most significant opposing view.


Creatively restate your main idea and supporting points.

Try to leave your audience even more connected to your topic and persuaded by your main idea or perspective.