Sub lesson plan 1-18-2012-

Mr. Clynch- ISS

Fort Hamilton High School


Principal- Mrs. Chester

Assistant Principal- Ms.Cingari



Substitute Lesson Plan-


4th period EMT- Room 253, please ask students for a one page hand written essay on a particular shock caused from external injuries. They should include what shock is caused and how it affects the body. Explain how the shock can be treated from the minute the EMT arrives on sight till transported to Emergency room. The students may use class notes and textbooks in back of room. Will be collected and graded when I return. Please if any students give a hard time, please write name down of student and I will deal with them personally when I return.


7th period and 9th period Living Environment 1- Please have students read pages 256-259. Have students answer questions 16-19 on page 256. They may use textbook on top of my desk or laptops in computer cart for additional information. Assignment will be collected when I return to class. Any problems with any students, please write names down and I will deal with them when I return.



         Thank you