Mr David's Routines

Mr. David’s Classroom Routines

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Dear Parents of Grade 1 Class 3 and Grade 1 Class 4,



I would like to implement the following routines in my classroom. Only a few of these items will be new for the students. However, in order to maximize student accomplishment in the classroom, I would like to commit to doing things in this particular order. I believe that if I commit to a particular order we will get more done in class. I understand that “Rome was not built in a day.” This routine will take some getting used to and I will probably have to change some things.


I want my classroom to challenge students, but not so much that they are stressed out by my demands. It is about finding a balance. From what I have seen in the classroom and from the feedback I have been receiving, I think that the students can be more effective with their time in the classroom and at home. If both students and parents know what they can expect at school, this will greatly help our endeavor. Predictability is key.


I will attempt to follow these formulas and fit the content I need to teach into this format. Everything is touch and go. We will try things this way and make changes as they are needed. Your feedback is welcome. While I strive to meet all expectations, if some parents are in disagreement with other parents I feel obligated to follow what I see as the majority consensus. My aim is to never contradict or dissatisfy any parent. If what I am doing in class is not in line with what you feel is needed I will try to work out a plan of action to remedy the problem. If I misunderstand your needs for any reason, I am sure that we can work out a reasonable solution by meeting with Omar. I am confident that we can trust in his advice should any problems arise.


Thank you for the dedication and effort you put forth into your child’s education. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everything you do at home “behind the scenes.”




Mr. David




(1) English

Oral English

(a.) - Conversational English Practice:

(a. 1) -- Greetings

(a. 2) -- Conversational Question and Answer

(b.) - Big Ideas English Concepts Chant/ Group Reading

(c.) - Start of the day worksheet

(2) English


- 1 min Rhythmic Focus Exercise

(a.) Vocabulary Drill

(b.) vocabulary worksheet practice (spelling and writing)

- 1 min Rhythmic Focus Exercise

(3) Math

(a.) 5 min Review

(b) 1st Topic

(b. 1) Mini-lesson

(b. 2) Practice)


- 1 min Rhythmic Focus Exercise

(d) 2nd Topic

(d. 1)  Mini-lesson

(d. 2) Practice (2nd Topic)


(4) English

(a.) Song

(b.) Phonics

(b. 1) Review

(b. 2) phonics worksheet

(b. 3) handwriting practice

(c.) Story Time

(c. 1) - Pre-teaching Vocabulary

(only when the book is first introduced, i.e. if there is c. 1 there is no c. 3)

--vocabulary drill. This vocabulary will be used in the story.

-- vocabulary worksheet practicing words just learned.

(c. 2) - Teacher Reads

(c. 3) - Students Read (but not when the book is first introduced)

-  Student Demonstration

(5) Science

(a.) - science “presentation”

- 1 min Rhythmic Focus Exercise

(b.) -  worksheet practice

(c.) - science vocabulary game

- 1 min Rhythmic Focus Exercise


(6) Daily “Free” (English Game) Time (or Extra Worksheet Practice –review only)

- 10 min


(7) Classroom Clean-up and Prepare for the Next Class

- 2 min