Equitable Access to technology for students

What is equitable access?

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Figure 1Using smartboard in classroom

Equitable access to technology is an important factor facing today’s youth. In some areas of America, the socioeconomic status of the students prevents their access to devices connected to the world wide web. Most students are only able to access technology such as I-pads, I-pods, digital cameras, and computers at the public schools they attend which makes access imperative to these students.






Figure 2Students using technology

Teachers must create lessons to incorporate different forms of technology to improve student learning through active engagement. The problem in public schools today is how to share these few resources among hundreds of students. One suggestion to overcome this obstacle is to create a school-wide schedule allowing for equitable access for all students through time allotted for access to an i-pad cart or computer lab. (Technology Integration Guide, 2016) Another suggestion is to use a whiteboard and projector which can be utilized as a whole group or small group setting to improve knowledge for all learners using virtual manipulatives when physical manipulatives are not available. (Trends in Education, 2016) Lastly, some school systems are allowing the policy of BYOD,“Bring Your Own Device”, to allow more students access to the rich resource of websites and technology to allow for more collaboration in the education setting.


Figure 3 Students of all abilities collaborating using technology

Access to technology for all learners is also a concern for the shareholders in the realm of education. Students with exceptional learning abilities can benefit from utilizing technology in the classroom. (How can we evaluate our educational technology use, n.d.) Technology can be used to improve learning for the exceptional student by giving them access to material on their level improving equitable access to education and technology at the same time.







Figure 1 Using smartboard in classroom 1

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Figure 2 Students using technology. 2

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Figure 3 Students of all abilities collaborating using technology. 2




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