9th Grade Integrated Science

 Integrated Science 2010-11

Mr. Brent Dunn

Room 112

Butler Traditional High School



 Welcome to Integrated Science!!!

This is a very challenging subject, but the information gained in this course will be invaluable to your understanding of the basics of physics, chemistry and earth/space science.  The following syllabus will outline the grading policies, class rules and procedures, types of work evaluations, and teaching techniques and philosophy.

 Types of Evaluations and Grading Policies

Daily Classroom Performance-Preparation, Participation, and Completion of daily class work, Homework, and Quizzes and Test will evaluate the students’ overall academic performance.

Grading Policies are as Follows: 

Class work and Quizzes     40%

                            Tests    40%

                     Homework    20%

 Grading Scale:  93-100%                  A

                           86-92%                    B

                           79-85%                    C

                           70-78%                   D

                           Below 70%               U

**Late work---Will NOT be accepted without an Excused Absentee Note

 Class Rules and Policies

Students are EXPECTED to follow Classroom Rules.  Any conduct not conducive to the learning process will not be tolerated.

1.       Be in assigned seat, prepared for class at Tardy Tone.

2.      Raise hand to ask questions or for permission to move about room.

3.      Be respectful of classmates and teacher.  Keep hands to yourself and your belongings.  NO FOUL LANGUAGE.

4.      Follow all school rules concerning conduct and dress code.

The following classroom policies are to be adhered to by all students:

1.       NO FOOD or DRINK

2.      Any make-up work, for any reason, MUST BE REQUESTED AND COMPLETED by student in the appropriate time frame.

 Materials Needed For Class

For the success of each student you need the following materials in class EVERYDAY, unless otherwise instructed:

1.       Agenda

2.      Student Textbook

3.      Pencil and/or Blue/Black ink pen---No other colors are accepted

4.      Red Pen---only to correct papers

5.      Science (3 ring) Binder---1.5” or 2”

6.      Student Notebook---workbook

7.      Spiral Notebook---w/ perforated edge

8.      3 Hole punch---one that will fit into binder

**The following materials are strongly suggested for class but are not needed everyday

            1.    Dividers with pockets (organization help, at least 6)

2.      Scientific Calculator

            3.      Highlighter

4.      Colored Pencils

 Extra Help

I will be available for extra help, by appointment, from August to October and starting in November, Mondays and Tuesdays after school until 4pm.  Please confirm all times with teacher the day before.  Must have arrangements to get home.

Teaching Techniques and Philosophy

The following techniques will be utilized in this class:  Lecture with note taking, Questioning over assigned readings and class/home work, labs, group work-discussion and labs, Open response questioning, Portfolio piece, Classroom projects.

 As your Science Teacher this year, it is my goal to equip you with skills that will enhance your studies not only in my classroom, but in high school, college, and your everyday life.  My teachings will be based on the core curriculum while also focusing on social skills, organization, the ability to follow rules, and the ability to think critically and analytically.  By using these strategies to teach I hope to prepare you for the challenges that school and life holds for you.  GOOD LUCK!!!

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By signing this form you fully understand the grading policies, rules and what is expected in the classroom at all times.  With acquiring this knowledge the teacher can now expect your support on these academic issues.

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