Parents Page


Parent Tips

  • Ensure your child has a quiet place in which to study and complete homework.
  • Provide your child with study tools, such as highlighters, folders, index cards, a voice recorder that can assist with vocabulary study.
  • Help your child develop a study routine whereby he will complete his homework at the same time each day.
  • Monitor your child’s consistent use of a daily planner or school.
  • Arrange for your child to meet with a tutor regularly in a weak subject area .

Parents should encourage child to:

  • Seek help immediately when feeling confused, overwhelmed, disorganized, or following an absence.
  • Get help from the teacher. Visit the teacher before or after school, during lunch, or at a time the teacher designates.
  • Prepare specific questions for the teacher if you need help with make-up work, comprehension, homework, writing and organizational skills.
  • Maintain an organized, separate 1-inch binder for class and often refer to the teacher’s model binder to check for missing handouts and page numbers.
  • Review your teacher’s syllabus or course objectives nightly. Students are encouraged to write their homework assignments down on their syllabus or in an assignment pad. This is essential!
  • Participate in the class library or books share program. Students can borrow books from class or school library and earn extra credit when book is completed by participating in a 15 minute book interview with your teacher either during lunch or after school. Students are encouraged to donate books to the class (or trade!) so that other students can enjoy them and there can be a circulation of new and interesting book titles in the classroom.