Art History



Theseus was the King of Athens. Before he was king of Athens his father, Aegeus was the king of Athens. Aegeus put a sword and a sandal under a rock so when Theseus was old enough to lift the rock and get the items. When Theseus got older he lifted rock. Then Theseus left his village but, his mother followed him and tried to poison him. Aegeus then stopped his wife from poisoning him.          Back then the Athens sacrificed seven men and seven women. Theseus was one of the seven men who almost got sacrifice by the Minotaur. Theseus saved the people from getting the sacrifice by the Minotaur and tried killing the Minotaur. After returning to his homeland, Theseus promised Aegeus that he would fly white sails on his ship, but he had black sails. When Aegeus saw the black sails, he killed himself because Theseus was supposed to fly white sails on his ship. After the death of Aegeus, Theseus was the king of the Athens until he was dead