Assignment #2

Students will create a powerpoint of a foriegn country outlining the 5 themes of Geography for that country.  They will include pictures in their powerpoint and present their findings to the class. Grading is outlined below.

Movement - How have people come to be in this location?  Where did they come from and how did they get there?  How do people get around today?

Place - What are some characteristics of your country?  How is the culture of your country identified?

Human/Environment - How do people and their environment interact?  What impact does the surroundings have on the way people live?

Location - Where is your place located exactly?  Where is your place located in relation to other things?

Region - What connects your country with others in the area?  What types of regions is your country in?

 Each theme and information - 10pts each

Neatness and Organization of Information - 10pts

Pictures - 10pts

Presentation - 10pts

Total - 80pts