Animal Farm Project


Animal Farm Projects

Directions:  Select one of the projects below to complete. 

  1. Write a chapter 11 for Animal Farm.  It should take place either 10 minutes or 10 years later.
  2. Suppose the animals revolt again, this time against Napoleon.  Map out plans for a successful revolt.  Be sure to include a suggested leader, a list of new commandments, plans for feeding the troops and a campaign strategy for gaining the support of the sheep.
  3. Make a chart showing the changes in Napoleon from the beginning of the rebellion to the end of the book.  The chart should include a description of how his personality changed, as well as drawings showing how his physical appearance changed. 
  4. Construct a timeline showing the events in the novel and their historical parallels.
  5. Write a report on one of the following historical figures:  Karl Marx, Josef Stalin, Leon Trotsky, Czar Nicholas II.