Spelling Words

Reformation/Baptismal Remembrance ServiceOctober 28th, 2009*Service of Prayer and Preaching LSB 260 

Processional Hymn LSB 578 “Thy Strong Word”

Opening Versicles: LSB 260-262

Scripture Readings:

- Old Testament Reading: Daniel 3:13-28

- Psalm 46 (I will read odd and students/faculty will read even)

- Epistle Reading: Romans 3:19-28

- New Testament Reading: John 8:31-36

Hymn: LSB 588 “Jesus Loves Me”

Responsory: Pg. 263

Catechism: We will read together the Ten Commandments

                    And the Lord’s Prayer. LSB 264

Hymn: LSB 861 “Christ Be My Leader”

Message: Christ Be My Leader as I Stand Firm in the Faith

Hymn: LSB 587 “I Know My Faith is Founded”

Baptismal Remembrance: Follow Typed Handout

Hymn: LSB 601 “All Who Believe and Are Baptized


Prayer: Pg. LSB265

New Testament Canticle: LSB 266

Blessing: LSB 267

Closing Hymn: LSB 656 “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”