Year 5's News

 31st of May, 2011

Athletics Carnival

Please be aware that our sports carnival is tomorrow! I know that its a bit late but it is school policy that all students must attend school and walk together to the highschool and walk back. Parents are not allowed to take their child from the highschool directly home, if a parent wishes to do so they must return back to school and sign their child out at the office.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Please be aware that Parent/Teacher interviews will be occuring in a few weeks, the form for these interviews is available via the newsletter or the office. Please ensure that your child returns these forms as soon as possible  to ensure you get the best possible time available.

So You Think You've Got Talent 2011

Next week SYTYGT auditions begin, currently there is a draft schedule available for you and your child's viewing outside the staff room. This year the auditions have been split up between P-3 and 4-7 on selected dates. The official schedule for SYTYGT will be released on Friday and auditions begin on Tuesday.

18th of May, 2011

World Youth Day 2011 site officially launched!

I have officially released my blog and website for World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid. In Term 3 Year 5 will be learning about World Youth Day and to guide them on their learning I have created a blog which will assist in their learning. I will be putting updates here and there, but I will be updating the blog more closer to and during my journey. To visit my blog just click on the 'WYD 2011 - Madrid' page above in the menu and follow the links, I have also created a time capzle (thats the correct spelling) of my journey in 2008 in Sydney, but obviously with not as much 'tourist attractions' as I have been there before. More information about when I will be leaving and who will replace me will be released in the coming weeks.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews are now available and was attached to todays newsletter, please remind your child to return it to the school office as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this progress or feel a need to meet me before the Paren/Teacher interviews then please contact me via the appropriate channels.

 7th of May, 2011

Yesterday we had a successful and interesting excursion as we visited the Endeavour, once again the students at All Saints' displayed excellent manners and attention during our visit.

 NAPLAN 2011

The upcoming week is 'NAPLAN week', I urge and stress that these series of tests is 'not the end of the world' and it should be viewed with as much positivity as possible. Due to it being a stressful time, I will not provide any homework this week (wow, 3 weeks of not giving homework in a row is a rare occasion ... well I did give a small homework task last week, well done to those who completed this task!). Please ensure your child gets a good nights rest and a wholesome breakfast.... and a big hug wouldn't hurt either. Once this highly anticpated week is over normality will resume!

27th of April, 2011

Term 2

Welcome to Term 2,2011 this is going to be a very busy term for Year 5 as many events are occuring including report card season and Parent/Teacher interviews. 

Endeavour Excursion

Please be aware that the permission slip and $20 is required by this Friday for your child to paricipate in our excursion which is complimenting  our unit on the Endeavour which is reaching its end very shortly.


The NAPLAN test which is conducted across all primary and secondary schools across the nation will be held on 10-12th of May, 2011. I would like all parents and students to remain positive during this time and while the data reclaimed from these tests can be beneficial it is not the 'end of the world' nor do I believe that it is a true representation of your child's academic success thus far in their schooling career. During the week of NAPLAN I strongly recommend that all students take an early night's sleep and start off the day with a healthy, wholesome breakfast to help kickstart the day.

End of Term Party

Year 5 truly exceeded expectations last term in following my motto 'learn and earn', therefore Year 5's goal to have a party this term will be 150 points! (last term it was only 100). I trust the Year 5 cohort will once again take up the challenge of this terms goal!

World Youth Day 2011

In the coming weeks I will be releasing my blog and information regarding World Youth Day 2011, as Year 5 will be learning about this in Term 3. For those who are unaware I will be absent for a period of 3 weeks to attend World Youth Day in Madrid somewhere in August, I will inform you of the exact dates and who will be replacing me during my absence once it is finalised. I am honoured to represent the All Saints' community, Boonah, Darra/Jindalee Parish, Brisbane Catholic Education and Queensland during this time.

Remember, if you feel concerned about your child's learning or anything at school feel fre to contact me either via the 'Contact Me' page or by setting an appointment at the school office.

15th ofApril, 2011

End of Term 1

Term 1 has officially ended! Well done to the Year 5's for surviving this VERY long term of 12 weeks! They have worked really well and I am pleased with their efforts, obviously we had some rocky moments but overall they have reached many of my expectations thus far, the real test wil be maintaining these expectations as the year progresses. 

 Endeavour Excursion

A letter was handed out about 2-3 weeks ago regarding our excursion to visit the Endeavour replica ship that will be arriving in Brisbane shortly. This excursion is designed to compliment our learning of Captain Cook and the Endeavour. I trust that it will be an educational experience for the students as well as myself, please ensure you return the excursion forms as soon as possible. If your child did not provide or it has been lost, you can get another form from the office when Term 2 begins.

 Happy Easter

To cap it off, Happy Easter, I hope all of you have a well deserved break and I am looking forward to coming back for another amazing term of learning once the holidays have passed. Always be safe and God Bless.


 2nd of April, 2011

Munch and Crunch suspended

 Munch and Crunch is officially suspended for the week due to poor behaviour within the students. I would like to take this opportunity to remind students  that poor behaviour when going to your bags to get your 'Munch and Crunch' is unacceptable, also I would like to remind parents and students that 'Munch and Crunch' is not a school initiative but a Year 5 initiative which is optional and can be removed at any time by Mr Fernando.

24th of March, 2011

Glogster - Belonging Assignment

All the glogs that the children created, which was related to our belonging unit has now been marked. Your child recieved their marks yesterday on paper and now their mark and teacher comment is available to view via Glogster. Unfortunately I cannot upload the actual criteria sheet via glogster, so if you would like to view this please feel free to contact me and we can set an appointment to consult this query.

 Cross Country

 Our Cross Country carnival is next Friday, more information regarding this event can be found in this week's newsletter.


21st of March, 2011

Homework - Spelling

Due to a busy week last week, we were unable to go through our spelling words during class time nor were we able to discuss and learn the patterns for this week. So as a result of this your child has the same spelling words this week, this may occur throughout the year either due to a busy week OR from poor results.

 Harmony Day

While today is officially Harmony Day, we will be celebrating Harmony Day on Friday, your child is asked to wear a orange shirt. More information can be found in this week's newsletter.

 Glogster Results

I have almost finished marking your child's glogs, once completed your child's results will be given to them and also their results can be viewed online on



12th of March, 2011

Glogster Assignment

Finally the end of our belonging unit has come to an end as the due date for the Glogster assignment has finally surpassed. A big thank you to the students who participated in the Live Support Centre, if you were able to use this option any feedback is greatly appreciated! I have been keeping an eye on the progress of all the glogs created by the students thus far and some of the effort put into these glogs are truly mind blowing. As our belonging unit has come to an end we move forward this time to start our unit on The Endeavour.

5th of March, 2011


A big thank-you to all the parents who helped out and attended last night's P&F Welcome BBQ, I hope you enjoyed the evening. Sorry if I missed you last night but I was busy setting up the lighting and sound for the choir and the disco. Their will be a few more P&F events throughout the year so hopefully I will be able to meet you then. Obviously if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child feel free to contact me via the appropriate channels.

 2nd of March, 2011

The assignment related to belonging using Glogster has now been extended to the 11th of March, 2011. This extension has been provided as Glogster was having issues and I have been trying to rectify them, as a result of this students have not been able to begin the assignment up until today. 


23rd of February, 2011

 Tonight is our Parent/Teacher Information Evening night, all parents are welcomed to attend and find out what Year 5 is all about and what is occuring this year. The presentation from this evening can be viewed below:



7th of February, 2011

Free Dress Day

 This Friday we are having a free dress day to raise money for families affected by floods in Brisbane. We are partnering with 'sister' schools located at Laidley and Rosewood to raise money for families.


2nd of February, 2011

Parent Information Evening

This year the Parent Information evening wil be held on Wednesday 23rd of Februrary for our class starting at 7pm sharp and concluding at approximately 8pm. This evening is a time for you to meet me and find out what we are learning in your child's class. If you have any questions of concerns about this evening feel free to contact me either via filling in the form at the 'Contact Me' section or discussing it with me at school.

31st of January, 2011

Just to inform you of the following events which are occuring this year:

This term we will be learning two units due to the long term, currently we are learning about 'Belonging' and later in the term we will be learning about Captain Cook and the Endeavour. This year at All Saints' we are not using a maths program due to the Australian Curriculum, so learning will occur via a variety of resources, currently I am combining a program called iMaths along with learning maths through real life events, this term we will be incorporating maths with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. All maths lessons will be linked to the Australian Curriculum, we are not using Go Maths because it is not aligned with its outcomes. 

Instead of swimming this term we are having dance lessons conducted by Footsteps Dance Academy and this will occur every Monday. Also this term I would like to incorporate 'Munch and Crunch' time which involves students eating a healthy snack during class time, this initiative was trialled last year and was successful in developing and improving concentration and learning. 


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to click the 'Contact Me' link above and fill in the form or set an appointment at the office.



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