SOSE - Belonging

SOSE - Belonging

UPDATE!: The due date for this assignment has been extended! This is now due on the 11th of March, 2011

Belonging Task Sheet - DOWNLOAD

Thank-you to those who participated during the Live Support sessions available at the Live Support Centre, feedback is greatly appreciated if you used the service or if you found it useful. Please fill in the Contact Me from in the Contact Me section of the website if you would like to provide feedback.


Live Support for your assignment - CLOSED  - Please use your real name so I know who you are

Some things to know about the live support ....

Depending on how many students are asking questions at the same time, it may take a while to respond to your question. Also unlike a 'chatroom' where your message is instant I moderate all questions coming through, so if you don't see your comment straight away it means it is waiting for me to approve, so please don't type your question heaps of times as I will get to your questions as fast as I can. I will approve your question and follow it up with an answer when possible. You cannot talk with other people on Live Support, only me.

Support Centre opening times:

Monday 7th of March- Thursday10th of March,2011 between 6pm-7:30pm* only, please be aware times may vary during the week but I will try my best to be online at those times.

*The support centre will now close half an hour early due to other commitments, we will now close at 7:30pm instead of 8pm