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Instructor: F.Gonzalez                                                                                                                                
Course: World History, Culture,and Geography: The Modern World A
Fall 2009
Engineering & Design SLC


In accordance with the California State Standards this course will introduce the study of History from the emergence of the Greek and Roman ideas up until the rise of 19th century western Democracy. Concepts will focus on the origins and developments of the social, economic, political, scientific, cultural, and artistic achievements of these people.

This course will be aligned with the Engineering & Design SLC’s interdisciplinary curriculum. The overarching question for this semester will be: WHY DO TTRADITIONAL STRUCTURES CHANGE ? Every few weeks there will be additional Unit Questions related to the semester overarching question.

Ellis & Esler, World History- The Modern World and selected readings to be announced 

Attendance is vital to succeed in this course.  Make up assignments, quizzes, and exams, will be the responsibility of the student and must be completed no later than ONE day after original due date. Tardies are unacceptable and penalties can include point deductions/detention.        

CLASS RULES               
1. Class tardies are unacceptable and student must be seated when the bell rings.
2. The text is required daily.
3. Student should be prepared to take notes and begin assignment on a daily basis.
4. No eating or drinking in class.  
5  Talking in class will be kept at a minimum. 
6. “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”  

The course grade will be based on a monthly scale of 200 Possible Points whichwill consist of :                    
- 1 Quiz (25 Points)- Will be given the 2nd Friday of every month.

- 1 Research Assignment (25 Points) - Will be announced throughout the month, and will consist 
of one week long research assignment based on various topics.
     Due dates are to be announced.
- 1 Exam (50 Points)- Will be held the last day before the month is over.
- Notebook and Portfolio (50 Points) - Will be periodically checked throughout the month.
- Homework/ Classwork (5 Points) - Will be announced throughout the month.
- Work Habits/Cooperation marks – Points will be deducted from monthly total at the instructors
- Extra Credit will be assigned at the instructor’s discretion.

The following monthly scale will be used when grading:               
A= 90%-100%        
B= 80%-89%     
C= 70%-79%
D= 60%-69%                         
F= 59% and below               
Will be based on a scale of a possible 1000 points.

There will be a main Topic for the week, followed by the discussion of different subjects relating to the main topic. Students are expected to take notes, maintain their portfolio, and participate in class discussions. Films, videotapes, and music will supplement class discussions and reading assignments.                                                                                                                                                                
_________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Semester Overall Reaching Question: WHY DO TRADITIONAL STRUCTURES CHANGE?                                          ________________________________________________________________________________________ 
 WEEK                     SUBJECTS                                          READINGS           CA State Standard/ Standards Based Concept

Unit 1: How does the form of a structure reflect its purpose?

1-4           “INTRO-THE RISE OF CIVILIZATION”                                                      10.1        

What is a Civilization? History?                        Ellis: 6-51                       Ancient Roots of Democracy               
Cornell Notes                                                                                                 Judeo-Christian Tradition
Problems in History: Truth & Objectivity       
Early Cultures                                                       “Body Ritual        
Rise of civilization                                                of the Nacirema”
                                                                                 Video: “Greece”, 
5-8           “THE AGE OF REVOLUTION”                                                                                       10.1                       
The Enlightenment & American Revolution   Ellis: 52-105                      Age Of Enlightenment                       
The French Revolution & Napoleonic Age    Ellis: 106-141                     Impact of the French Revolution
Revolution Spreads                                             Ellis: 142-165                    American Revolution
                                                                                Video: “The Enlightenment”,
                                                                                 “Napoleon”, “The French 
Unit 2: How Does the individual elements of a structure affect the structure as a whole?__ 
 9-11         “THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION BEGINS”                                                            10.3                                       
The Inventions                                                 Ellis: 168-193                         Growth of Industry
Science/Technology/ labor                            Video: “The Industrial         Early Inventions
Revolution”                                                                                                      The role of Capitalsim
“Industrialization                                                                                             Socialism, and Communism
& Urbanization”


12-14       “THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION CONTINUES”                                                   10.3               
Urbanization/Capitalism/The Middle class      Ellis: 194-225                   Changing Landscapes
Marx/Socialism/Communism                              Video: “Longitude”
A New Society
15-17       “NATIONALISM & RISE OF DEMOCRACY                                                              10.4               
Germany, Italy, Old Empires                               Ellis: 226- 255
The Rise of Western Democracies                    Ellis: 256- 283 
Unit 3: How have the structures within your community evolved?_____________________ 
18-19       “IMPERIALISM”                                                                                                                10.4               
The New Imperialsim                                           Ellis: 284-317                     Overseas Empire Building
New Global Patterns                                            Ellis: 318-347                     “White Man’s Burden”
                                                                                Video: “Zulu”,
“Zulu Dawn”

20            REVIEW/FINAL                                                                                                                                                                                                 

As shown in the Course Outline, I will periodically show certain films which are relevant to the course. Some of this material is rated “R” by the MPAA rating system, and parental consent is needed.In compliance with the district policy requiring parents/guardians to approve the intended use of videotapes or films which are not owned, broadcast, or recommended by the district.
_____ “Greece”
_____  “Rome”                                                   
_____ “The Industrial Revolution”                                 
_____  “Industrialization and Urbanization: 1870-1910”                                                                              
_____  “The Age of Enlightenment”              
_____  “Napoleon”
_____  “The French Revolution”
_____  “Longitude”                                                                                                           
_____  “Zulu”
_____  “Zulu Dawn”                                                                                                          


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