Los articulos

Los artículos, adjectives, and nouns


•All mean “The” in English

•In Spanish, we have four:
They are El, La, Los, and Las
El is for masculine objects or things.
La is for feminine objects or things.
•EL and LA are also used for singular objects.
            El muchacho      the boy
            La muchacha      the girl
•Los and Las are for plural objects.
•Los for masculine
•Las for feminine.
                Los muchachos
                Las muchachas
Here they are laid out:

          Singular          Plural

Masc.  El                   Los


Fem.  La                    Las




•They work the same way as definite articles.
•“a” or “an” in English.


           Singular (a or an)            Plural (some)

Masc.    Un                                Unos


Fem.     Una                               Unas

Examples of nouns used with indefinite articles:

Un carro          a car

Unos perros     some dogs

Una maestra     a teacher