E to IE verbs

STEM CHANGING VERBS:    Or shoe verbs

E to IE

The following are the verbs we will be working with this chapter:


Empezar- to start/begin


  Querer- to want


  Venir- to come

  Preferir- to prefer



These verbs are called shoe verbs because the only two conjugations that don't change the stem are nosotros and vosotros; as we draw a line around all the verbs that do change the stem, the shape of a shoe appears. REMEMBER: Nosotros and Vosotros verb conjugations DO NOT change the stem. The conjugations that do are in bold in the chart below.



Yo  empiezo                 Nosotros empezamos

Tú   empiezas                Vosotros empezáis

Él    empieza                 Ellos   empiezan

Ella  empieza                Ellas    empiezan

Usted empieza              Ustedes    empiezan

Querer: To want

Yo quiero                   Nosotros queremos

Tú quieres                  Vosotros queréis

Él quiere                    Ellos quieren

Ella quiere                   Ellas quieren 

Usted quiere               Ustedes quieren