Sept 7 Agenda Spanish I


Fecha 7 de septiembre de 2012
Objetivo Describe people and state sentences using to be. Happy Homecoming!
Warm up

Write out the sentence with the correct form of ser. Translate.

1. Tú (eres/soy) bueno. ______________________________

2. Yo (eres/soy) pelirrojo. ______________________________

3. Bernardo (soy/es) alumno. ______________________________

4. ¿(Eres/Es) usted perezoso? ______________________________

5. Ella (soy/es) guapa. ______________________________

Items of the day

Warm up

HW review

Review for quiz

Study time for quiz


Video about Spain

Situation cards

Tarea  Quiz 2 (Countries) will be on Tuesday. Test next Wednesday-