Aug 29 Agenda Spanish I

Fecha 29 de agosto
Objectives Continue study of alphabet, greetings, days of the week, numbers and days of the week. Begin months of the year, seasons, and the date. Begin Chapter 1.
Warm up

1. Count by two's to number 20.

2. List the days of the week starting with the correct day.

Items of the day

Warm up/review

Pass back dialogues/days sheet

No HW from last time

Alphabet video then- (5 or 6) Student names on whiteboard.

Time to practice with partner on dialogue

Greetings dialogues

Second half of greetings worksheet. TURN IN

Months- fix days worksheet and learn months


Issue textbooks as students work on sheet.

Telling the date (sheet)

Text page 9 and 10 as a class.

Practice numbers to 20. (worksheet p. 2 and ball)

Learn numbers from 21 to 60.


HW Numbers wordsearch