Dec 12 Agenda Spanish I


Fecha Hoy es miércoles, el 12 de diciembre de 2012. ¡Faltan 8 días!
Objetivos Identify family members. Describe the home. Relate what one has to do and is going to do.
Warm up


1. I am going to read the newspaper.

2. We have to watch TV.

3. She is going to eat the hamburger.

4. We have to eat in the dining room.

5. Sarita is going to be 16 years old.

Items of the day

Warm up

HW review


Quiz 2 Chapter 6


Pass back quizzes

Draw and design your own house! IN SPANISH! We will see who makes the most interesting design.

Translation II

Tarea Begin Chapter 6 Study Guide. It is due completed- ALL OR NOTHING this Friday