Gustar like verbs

Gustar like verbs


Stating what you like, find interesting, or boring.

GUSTAR: to like


•When using gustar, there are only two endings:
•Gusta for singular objects
•Gustan for plural objects.

Object Pronouns


•Object pronouns are used to show to who or to what something is pleasing (or is being liked).

Yo -> me  Nosotros -> nos

Tú -> te  Vosotros -> os

Él -> le  Ellos -> les

Ella -> le  Ellas -> les

Usted -> le  Ustedes -> les

How to use gustar 

•Here is an example of gustar in use:


Me gusta la hamburguesa.

I like the hamburger.


Translates as the hamburger is pleasing to me.


•Another example:

Me gustan los deportes.

I like sports.


Gustar is changed to gustan because sports are plural.


With a verb, use the singular form of gustar.


  Me gusta comer.

  I like to eat.


  Me gusta mirar la televisión.

  I like to watch TV.


Practice: Circle the correct form of gustar.



Me gusta/gustan el chocolate.


Me gusta/gustan comer las manzanas.


Me gusta/gustan el béisbol.


Me gusta/gustan los perros.


How to say we don’t like something


Simply put no before gustar.


  No me gustan los mariscos.

  I don’t like seafood.


  A ella no le gusta el café.

  She doesn’t like coffee.


Remember to use double negatives when answering questions.


  ¿Te gusta el partido?  Do you like the game?


  No, no me gusta el partido.  No, I don’t like   the game.

What about you? 

If you want to ask someone if they like something, use te instead of me.


  Te gusta el fútbol.

  You like soccer.


  ¿Te gusta el fútbol?

  Do you like soccer?

What about him or her? 

•This time, use le for him or her.

  Le gustan los gatos. Or


    A ella le gustan los gatos.

    She likes cats.

And us? 

•Use nos for us/we.

  Nos gusta el baloncesto.


    We like basketball.


And them?

Use les.

    Les gusta el partido.

    They like the game.


  A ellos les gustan los peces.

    They like fish.

And ya’ll? 

Again, use les.


    A ustedes les gusta la comida.


  You guys like the food. 


    Les gustan los tacos.

    You guys like the tacos.

Who’s who? 

Sometimes we will see this:


  Le gusta la música.


How do we know who they are talking about?

Le is used for él, ella, AND usted! What can we do to avoid confusion?


Add the following before le gusta:


  A él le gusta.  He likes.

  A ella le gusta  She likes.

  A usted le gusta.  You (formal) like.


For les gusta/gustan, do the same thing:


  A ellos les gusta  They like


  A ellas les gusta  They like


  A ustedes les gusta  You all like





A mi me gusta viajar.

  I really like to travel.


  A ti te gustan los delfines.

    You really like dolphins.



Gustar-like verb practice: (answers given)


I like the class.

Me gusta la clase.


She likes to study.

A ella le gusta estudiar. / Le gusta estudiar.


We like the teams of Spain.

Nos gustan los equipos de España.







  To be interesting




  To be boring to someone

Both of these verbs also function in the same way as gustar. Use the IOP's to show who or what is receiving the action of the verb.




Me interesa la ciencia.

Science is interesting to me.


¿Te interesan las noticias?

Are you interested in the news?


Me aburre la televisión.

TV is boring to me.


Nos aburren los gatos.

Cats are boring to us.



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